What you need to know about managed care before choosing your health insurance

Choosing your health insurance is stressful. It is so important for your healthcare during the next year that it may be tempting to just renew the insurance that you currently have so that you don’t have to think about it. That is fine if you are happy with your coverage. If not, you need to rethink your choice. At Dobbs & Braddock Inc in Atlus, OK we use our experience to help our customers find the right health insurance to meet their needs at a price they can afford. 

These days, most healthcare is managed, but what exactly is managed care, and what are the differences between the different types? 

What To Know About Managed Care

HMO (health maintenance organization)

With an HMO, you have a network of providers that you are required to use. Your care is managed by a primary care physician who you choose. In an emergency, you can go outside the network but expect to pay higher costs. Some medical procedures will require preapproval. 

PPO (preferred provider organization)

With a PPO, you will get the best rates for services if you stay within the network, but services received outside the network will be at least partially paid for. It gives you more flexibility if your favorite doctor happens to be outside the network. You will also need to choose a primary care physician within the network, 

POS (point of service)

A POS plan allows you the most flexibility. You have a network but you can choose your providers from within or outside the network. You will, however, get the best rates for services within your network. 

This is just a general description. Read the details carefully of any plan you are considering. 

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