Why Commercial Insurance is an Asset

If you own a business, one of the most important aspects is to protect your business against financial losses. While to achieve this you can do prudent management and aggressive marketing, commercial insurance from Dobbs & Braddock Inc. can help cushion your business from unforeseen risks that can cost your business significant financial losses. 

If you have been having second thoughts about commercial insurance, here are the benefits you accrue when you invest in commercial insurance. 

Liability protection

Running a business exposes you to numerous liabilities. Your products could cause harm to customers. Injuries could happen within your business premises, and your employees could inflict property damage to other people. Fortunately, if you have commercial insurance, you don’t have to pay third-party claims from your pocket. 

Employee protection

Where would your business be were it not for your employees? In light of this, you need workers’ comp insurance to protect your employees. This coverage pays for your employees’ medical costs, partial loss of income, and funeral expenses following work-related injuries.

Saves you financial losses

Without business insurance you have to pay the below costs from your business savings:

  • Medical costs for employees’ injuries
  • Repairs to buildings after a disaster
  • Payments to third party liability claims

As you can see, the list can go and on. Fortunately, business insurance cushions your business against financial losses that could plunge your business into a halt. 

Protects your assets 

Assets like your building, inventories, furniture, and computer equipment are pivotal for your business operations. Unfortunately, perils like fire, theft, vandalism, hail and other natural calamities can wreak havoc on your assets, rendering your business non-operational. 

Thankfully, if you have business insurance, losses and damages to your business assets are covered against numerous perils. 

Buy commercial insurance today!

Are you ready to get started with commercial insurance? Please contact Dobbs & Braddock Inc. for a competitive quote. Let’s take care of your business insurance needs as you focus on other pressing matters.