The Benefits of Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner in or around the Altus, OK area, and you are shopping or need commercial insurance solutions for your business, we can help. Welcome to Dobbs & Braddock Inc and the solution for all your business and commercial insurance needs. 

Owning a business is a full-time job, and ensuring your business succeeds also means protecting your business too. From liability risks to the considerable cost of repairs resulting from events like storm damage or fires, commercial insurance offers more than insurance but peace of mind that your business is protected.

Protect Your Business with a Reliable and Proven Partner

That is also the kind of comfort and knowledge business owners get when they work with established and proven insurance agencies like Dobbs & Braddock Inc. While the practical benefits of commercial insurance can be immeasurable, the intangible benefits are priceless.

From the first step to any time business owners need to file a claim or have a question, our professional and knowledgeable team at Dobbs & Braddock Inc. is here to help. It is also the kind of service and professionalism business owners can expect when they choose a proven and experienced agent.

For All Your Commercial Insurance Needs

At Dobbs & Braddock Inc in Atlus, OK, we take pride in helping our local businesses with commercial insurance solutions to meet all their company needs. If you are looking for a partner for your insurance needs or looking for a quote, we can help.

Contact us to learn more about our range of insurance options and plans or to get the policy your business needs that will afford you the benefits and peace of mind business owners deserve. We are Dobbs & Braddock Inc., and we look forward to helping you with all your commercial insurance needs.

Should all Oklahoma businesses get commercial insurance?

People living in the Atlus, OK area that want to be their own boss should consider starting their own business. If you choose to be a business owner of any kind, having the right insurance for your company is important.

There are various reasons why commercial insurance should be maintained at all times:

Ensure Business is Covered

An important reason for any business to have a commercial insurance plan is to ensure the business is appropriately covered. If you are going to run a business, you will want to know you are able to mitigate as many risks as you can. With commercial insurance, you are able to protect your business assets, reduce your liability risks, and receive other forms of coverage. Ultimately, this insurance will help your business remain solvent if some unexpected situations arise. 

Remain Compliant with Agreements

You also need to have a commercial insurance plan to remain compliant with various agreements that you sign. Any stakeholder in your business, which can include investors, lenders, customers, and other parties, will want to know that your business is protected and supported with insurance. Due to this, they typically will include insurance requirements in the documents you sign. If you have a commercial insurance policy, it will give you the support needed to remain in compliance with all of these agreements. 

Get The Right Coverage Today

It is very important for any business owner in the Atlus, OK area to properly assess their commercial insurance needs. Once you are ready to start shopping for coverage, it would be wise to call the team with Dobbs & Braddock Inc. The insurance professionals with Dobbs & Braddock Inc will give you the guidance needed to properly build a plan that will protect your business and keep it in good standing moving forward. 

Commercial Insurance Policy Mistakes To Avoid

Dobbs & Braddock Inc serves the Atlus, OK community and the surrounding areas. We sit down with our clients to help them find coverage to protect their assets. We recognize that each of our clients has unique needs. That’s why we offer multiple policies that are designed to evolve over time to match life’s changes. Our policies will help alleviate stress as you deal with potential risks.

Commercial Insurance Policy Mistakes To Avoid

As an Atlus OK business owner, you may be in the process of brainstorming new concepts to help attract customers and gain a competitive advantage. One way that you can help stay at the top of the industry is through having a solid commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance protects you as you deal with the complex nature of operating a business on a daily basis. The policy covers any damage to your equipment and products. Liability insurance covers your business if a customer is injured on your property. While looking over your policy, avoid these common mistakes that could harm your business.

Neglecting Workers Compensation

You have to take care of your employees. Not only does that help keep morale high but also ensures that your business continues to function properly. Worker’s compensation allows you to take care of your employees if they are injured on the job. Make sure that your worker’s comp policy is strong.

Failing To Add Extra Coverage

As your business evolves, be sure to add extra coverage. If you plan to expand your services, inquire about adding commercial auto insurance or professional liability insurance. If you plan to offer online service, add cyber liability coverage. These types of coverage will ensure that your business is protected well into the future.

Dobbs & Braddock Inc Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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Why Commercial Insurance is an Asset

If you own a business, one of the most important aspects is to protect your business against financial losses. While to achieve this you can do prudent management and aggressive marketing, commercial insurance from Dobbs & Braddock Inc. can help cushion your business from unforeseen risks that can cost your business significant financial losses. 

If you have been having second thoughts about commercial insurance, here are the benefits you accrue when you invest in commercial insurance. 

Liability protection

Running a business exposes you to numerous liabilities. Your products could cause harm to customers. Injuries could happen within your business premises, and your employees could inflict property damage to other people. Fortunately, if you have commercial insurance, you don’t have to pay third-party claims from your pocket. 

Employee protection

Where would your business be were it not for your employees? In light of this, you need workers’ comp insurance to protect your employees. This coverage pays for your employees’ medical costs, partial loss of income, and funeral expenses following work-related injuries.

Saves you financial losses

Without business insurance you have to pay the below costs from your business savings:

  • Medical costs for employees’ injuries
  • Repairs to buildings after a disaster
  • Payments to third party liability claims

As you can see, the list can go and on. Fortunately, business insurance cushions your business against financial losses that could plunge your business into a halt. 

Protects your assets 

Assets like your building, inventories, furniture, and computer equipment are pivotal for your business operations. Unfortunately, perils like fire, theft, vandalism, hail and other natural calamities can wreak havoc on your assets, rendering your business non-operational. 

Thankfully, if you have business insurance, losses and damages to your business assets are covered against numerous perils. 

Buy commercial insurance today!

Are you ready to get started with commercial insurance? Please contact Dobbs & Braddock Inc. for a competitive quote. Let’s take care of your business insurance needs as you focus on other pressing matters.